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4mph Scooter 4mph Scooter

We can supply a wide range of new or used Class 2, 4 mph scooters, including compact, folding models that you can transport in your car.

8mph Scooter 8mph Scooter

Our range of new and used 8mph, Class 3 Scooters are powerful enough to travel up hills and across rugged terrain. And you can drive them on the road.

Mobility Scooters – The Basic Facts

Mobility Scooters are ideal for people who are able to walk short distances, but whose mobility is generally impaired. Mobility Scooters can free people from the confines of their home, giving back independence and reducing social isolation.

To operate a Mobility Scooter safely, you need to be able to maintain an upright position while seated without falling to one side or the other.  You also need to be able safely to transfer on and off the vehicle with little or no help.

Scooters come in many shapes and sizes from compact, portable models that you can easily transport in the boot of a car, to large, rugged models that can travel long distances and cope with challenging terrain. There are many manufacturers and suppliers in the UK, all upgrading their range on a regular basis.

So where do you begin choosing the Mobility Scooter that is right for you when there is so much choice? Newbury Mobility is a locally-based, independent supplier, which means that we are not tied to any one manufacturer. As a result, we are able to offer an unbiased, honest opinion when it comes to guiding you towards the Scooter that fits your particular needs. We also have a wide range of quality used Mobility Scooters to choose from.

If you’re in Berkshire, Oxfordshire or Wiltshire, call us on 01635 905478 today or fill in our contact form to arrange a FREE ASSESSMENT in your own home to establish which model of Mobility Scooter is right for you. We will bring with us a demonstration model that we think will most suit your need to make sure that you feel comfortable, secure and happy.

(Please note that if, in our opinion, you are not able safely to control a Mobility Scooter, we will not supply you with a product. We prefer to protect you and the general public from risk than to make a sale!)

What other considerations are there?

  • Do you need a Scooter with a top speed of 4mph or 8mph?
  • Do you need to transport a Scooter regularly?
  • Can you lift a portable Scooter into a car or would you need help?
  • What vehicle can best carry your size and weight?
  • Do you require suspension?
  • Do you require solid or pneumatic tyres?
  • Are the controls in the right position for you?
  • Can you store and charge the Scooter somewhere easy to access?
  • Do you need permission from any organisation to store a Scooter?
  • How far do you want to travel?
  • Would a three or a four wheeled Scooter be best for you?


Newbury Mobility can answer many of these questions for you with a quick phone call. So call us today on 01635 905478 today. Or fill in our contact form and we’ll get right back to you.


While there is no legal requirement to have an insurance policy for a Mobility Scooter, we highly recommend that you purchase one in case of accident or injury. There are a number of insurance companies that specialise in insurance policies for mobility vehicles and we can help point you in the right direction.

What happens if something goes wrong?

While modern Mobility Scooters are very reliable, sometimes things can still go wrong. Who can get to you the quickest if you have a problem? Someone local of course! If you’re in Berkshire, Oxfordshire or Wiltshire, Newbury Mobility can service and maintain your Mobility Scooter, keeping it in tip-top condition for years to come.

Most new Scooters come with a 24 month warranty. Should you wish to purchase an extended warranty policy, we can also assist with that.

I’d love a Mobility Scooter but I simply can’t afford one

There are a number of benevolent organisations that may be able to help you acquire a Mobility Scooter. Please check out our FAQs for more information on funding.


Price Promise Guarantee on all New Products

Regardless of whether you are looking for a stairlift or mobility scooter, we promise beat the best written like-for-like quote by at least 5%.