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Introduction to Second Hand Stairlifts

Why choose this option? Simple answer you get great value for money…

Most of our customers choose a Reconditioned/Refurbished stair lift because it actually makes a lot of sense, the stairlifts we sell for this option have generally only been used in one other property before re-installation into your property.

Remember Buying an affordable stairlift from a private source may cause reliability and safety concerns. At Newbury Mobility Ltd each reconditioned curved or straight stairlift meets the safety and reliability standards of a new stairlift product. Which we backup with an extensive warranty package, normally these models are only a few years old sometimes just a few months.
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Reconditioning Process

Our engineers expertly remove the reconditioned stairlift and at the same time test all the functions.

Back at our workshop we inspect the product on custom made test rigs and further test all mechanical and electrical systems, at this time we also fit NEW batteries and re test the charging system over night.

If during this process any problems are identified then they will be rectified. This may include but is not limited to; changing the brushes in the motor, replacing worn rollers, replacing any broken parts as well as dealing with any other issues detected while servicing.

We prepare the stairlift track to suit your individual set of stairs, reposition the charging strips and track end stops if required, this is to enable the footplate to stop in the correct position at the top of your particular stairs.

All our stair lifts are hygienically cleaned and sanitised before the next installation. Once installed on your stairs it will look as good as new.

Key Benefits of Modern Refurbished Stairlifts

> Whisper quiet
> Soft start and stop system – no sudden jolts
> Ultra smooth ride quality
> Easy to use joystick control
> Remote control system – means no messy wiring
> Low voltage operation – eliminates risk of shock
> Electromechanical braking with fail-safe over speed governor
> Key switch on/off for child protection
> All stair lifts are designed to comply with BS5776 and BS5900 standards



Installation Services

We carry a large stock of Grade A used stairlifts ready to go…

Our years of experience have taught us that many customers need a stairlift urgently sometimes a Next Day installation is required. Especially if the user is waiting to be released from Hospital and part of the Occupational Therapist care plan before releasing the patient is a suitable stairlift.

Part of the engineers job is to expertly demonstrate the use of the stair lift preferably to the end user but sometimes this is not possible due to illness so we ask that a relative or carer be instructed, but are happy to return at a later date to go over the basics once again.

The recycling and re-use of used stair lifts is a guaranteed way to cut down on the time it takes from your initial call to us, making it a much quicker installation when compared with a brand new stairlift option.

Second Hand Stairlift FAQs

How Much Does it Cost to Run a Stairlift?

Installing a stairlift sounds like it could be a huge running cost, but the day-to-day usage of this electrical fixture isn’t very expensive. Modern stairlifts with their advancements in technology mean that they are power-saving devices that are energy efficient. By using rechargeable batteries, the stairlift will be minimally affected by the journeys you take up and down the staircase. So, if you’re asking yourself ‘how much does it cost to run a stairlift?’ you can compare it to everyday appliances like kettles, microwaves and TVs, the cost averages at roughly £10 a year

What’s my next step to get a stairlift fitted?

Call today and book our Surveyor who will visit your home and do a FREE assessment, measuring your stairs and you. They can then assess which model would best suit your needs and fit your stairs.  Afterwards, we check our stock system on our Surveyor’s laptop to show you the exact model we’ll be installing on your stairs. Meaning, you can see it for yourself before you commit, then we will reserve it for you.

Why buy your reconditioned stairlift from a reputable company?

  1. The stairlift would have been serviced and refurbished before being sold
  2. The stairlift will come with a minimum 12 month comprehensive warranty
  3. The stairway will be surveyed for the correct type of stairlift
  4. The user will be assessed so that a suitable stairlift is chosen for comfort, posture and safety
  5. The company will have proper insurance cover in place and it’s employees will have been DBS checked
  6. The company should be financially stable

How long will a Second Hand used stairlift last?

The life span of a new stairlift is about 7 – 10 years so buying a slightly used stairlift will give you plenty of time before anything starts wearing out

Why it is important to have your stairlift correctly installed?

Buying a stairlift and then fitting it yourself as a DIY project can be tricky and potentially dangerous for the following reasons:

  1. The stairlift rail length is critical If the rail is too short then the stairlift will not reach the top step and the user would have to get off the stairlift on the stairs rather than safely on the top landing. This can be very dangerous. The rail has to be the exact length so the footplate is level with the top landing.
  2. If the rail is too long it will potentially cause a tripping hazard at the top of the stairs.
  3. The rail needs to fit through a door or window and to be placed onto the stairs. If there is an access issue then a joining kit is required
  4. The stairlift carriage has to be levelled on the rail to suit the angle of the stairs
  5. If the stairlift causes a partial obstruction to a doorway then the charging strips need moving further up the rail to stop the obstruction.
  6. If the rail obstructs the door a hinge is required
  7. The power supply needs wiring into the rail
  8. Stairlifts are handed and in many cases a left hand stairlift can’t be fitted to the right hand side of the stairs
  9. Stairlift manufactures recommend certain torque settings for nuts & bolts for safety reasons which must be set up with the right equipment.

There are many other technical reasons that a stairlift cannot just be fitted to just any staircase. We have just given you some food for thought here.

High Quality Second Hand Stair Lifts

Regardless of whether you are looking for a straight or curved used stairlift, we can help provide you with the best quality and value in the area! Call us on 01635 905478 or complete our contact form.


Do You Have A Used Stairlift That’s Unwanted?

End of Life Disposal. Since the introduction of WEEE regulations it is now necessary to dispose of electrical/electronic items responsibly. We offer a service whereby we will collect or dismantle any Stairlift that is no longer required and dispose of it in compliance with existing regulations. Just contact us and we will arrange to remove your old equipment for a nominal fee.