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Stairlift Servicing and Maintenance

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Here at Newbury Mobility we offer servicing and maintenance services for both straight and curved stairlifts. Our stairlift engineers are fully qualified and have many years’ experience installing, servicing, repairing, and maintaining stairlifts.

Whether you have just had a brand new stairlift installed or have had a stairlift for several years, we fully recommend that your stairlift is serviced at least once a year, especially if it is used frequently. Our engineers will thoroughly inspect your stairlift and carry out any work to keep your stairlift running smoothly. Our stairlift servicing and maintenance services are available throughout Berkshire, Wiltshire and Oxfordshire.

Read on to find out what is included in our servicing and maintenance service appointments and the types of straight and curved stairlift models we cover.

Why do I need an annual stairlift service?

You should get your stairlift serviced regularly to make sure its working properly. A faulty stairlift is dangerous and could waste you money on repairs and breakdowns in the future. So, you should book a service once a year.

Repairs and maintenance services from us include:

We’ll inspect Batteries and Charger
We’ll check Limits Switches
We’ll take off the casing of your stairlift to inspect the main components.
We’ll check connections on the main printed circuit board (PCB)
We’ll check Final Limits Switches
We’ll test Safety Down/Up Carriage/Footrest
We’ll clean the parts/ Motor brushes, charger brushes (if tests indicate they need it).
We’ll inspect Over speed Governor
We’ll check Stairlift Motor
We’ll inspect Racking
We’ll check Tightened Screws/bolts
And Much More – If your Stairlift isn’t working the way it should, just give us a call on 01635 905478 or use our Contact Form. We’ll get back to you as soon as we can. We might even be able to solve the problem over the phone.
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When we organise our servicing schedule we will try to group customers together by area in order to keep the costs down. Therefore please be aware that we will be booking up to 2 weeks in advance.

No matter what condition or how old your stairlift is we will attempt to repair and advise on the most economical way forward. As an independent stairlift company we repair and service most of the major manufactures.

Straight Stairlift models we cover:  Handicare simplicity 950 range, Acorn Superglide, 120, Acorn 130, Brooks Lincoln, Brooks 130, Brooks 120, Stannah range and Bison 50, Meditek.

Curved Stairlift models we cover: Handicare 2000 Handicare Freecurve, Bespoke Infinity, Platinum, Stannah

Our technicians are also trained to repair and service Mobility Scooters.

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